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Business Development Manager

Hong Kong, Thailand, Russia, China




We have a number of operating brands across Bangkok, Hong Kong, Moscow and China that provide services to their target market, which is predominantly the Expat worker. These trading companies specialise in their individual sector such as Offshore Financial Planning and Insurance, International Property and Mortgage, the sale and rental of local Real Estate, Visa and Settlement services, Company Formation, Accountancy, Web Design and Branding.


In order to raise and maintain our profile locally we engage in a number of marketing activities and initiatives. The company regularly advertises in local publications and you will find many people who have heard of us, recognise our logo and brands and remember our ads.




  • Generate new business leads on a weekly basis through telesales and regular attendance of business and social networking events.

  • Manage existing clients and assist with administration duties.

  • Attend regular training sessions to improve your knowledge of the business / financial sector.

  • Promote and sell the financial planning service to clients on behalf of Wealth Managers.

  • Interview prospective clients to obtain data about their financial resources and needs and to discuss any existing coverage.




The team we currently have is very diverse. We have people from all ages from 25 year old Associates to 60+ year old veterans. Men and women from different backgrounds and experience. They have a number of things in common:


  • They can all initiate and continue a conversation with a stranger

  • They all have self-belief and confidence

  • They are all results driven and want the financial rewards hard work brings

  • They like persuading other people to their point of view and enjoy the debate that goes with that

  • They all know that there is no such thing as a free ride in life, they are realistic

  • They can all work without supervision and can motivate themselves

  • They all know how to think on their feet and don’t get flustered easily

  • They can all present ideas in a logical way

  • They can all talk to people of all levels as equals and are not intimidated by successful people.




  • Advance paid upon joining as well as discretionary relocation support

  • £100-150 / seen appointment paid weekly

  • 25% of gross commissions

  • 1st year OTE = £40,000 to £50,000

  • Full training and access onto mentoring scheme


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