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Private Banker / Wealth Manager (UHNW)

Singapore / International




As an External Asset Manager regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) our client operates throughout Central / SE Asia offering their discretionary portfolio management, private banking and financial planning services to UHNWI.




We offer high net-worth accredited investors access to bespoke asset-management solutions and Private Banking platforms. Our aim is to offer all our clients the same level of service that the very best private banks offer to their very wealthiest customers.

Many clients who come to us are discontented with the traditional insurance-based products offered in the offshore market because those products have opaque charges and limited flexibility. Through private banking platforms, we can offer a range of investments such as single-listed equities or exchange-traded funds which can help reduce overall costs and maximise returns.


The accounts that we manage offer a range of different solutions. These include:


  • Fixed-Deposit and Debit-Card accounts from the world’s premier private banks;

  • Additional credit-card facilities;

  • Investment accounts linked with bank accounts; The ability to leverage investments to maximise returns;

  • Highly competitive borrowing options; Preferential mortgage rates for global properties; Global Custodian services;

  • Discounted charges for FX and other international transactions;

  • Wide investment selection of securities and other investments;



Being independent means we are not tied to selling any investment or other product, allowing us to look at what is best in the overall market place to suit our client needs.




Your role will be to work closely with your existing and prospective clients in their medium to long term financial goals. You will be advising on Wealth Management, Pensions, Lump Sum investments, Regular savings, Portfolio accounts, Loan / credit card facilities.




  • Lucrative remuneration structure depending on your requirements and current business: Salary + commissions + trail.

  • Ability to continue servicing your existing UHNW clients without being tied to a single bank - Access to multiple top tier banks will allow you to offer portfolio lending and preferential interest rates as well as debit and credit cards linked to investment accounts.

  • Support setting up your own fund to tailor solutions for managing your client's portfolios.

  • Support for studying towards CISI, CFA, CII and Singapore Capital Markets and Financial Advisory Services Examinations.

  • The chance to become a full equity partner.

  • In-house specialists in personal tax planning, portfolio and investment management, corporate tax and succession planning.

  • Clients will have their own Portfolio and Investment Manager.

  • Access to an in-house Robo-advisor with Sharia-Compliant investment capabilities.




An existing book with more than £20,000,000 AUM or equivalent currency in invested assets / active clients is required.

We look for a high level of experience from the insurance industry, brokerages, banks or asset management firms. You would have the ability to work independently, and we hope you are self-driven, with a high capability to structure and plan your own work. You are a goal-oriented, very communicative and service-minded person with experience from working in teams. Certified Financial Planner (C.F.P.) background or similar is required.




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